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Career Advice


How do you make yourself an asset to the company? This question is asked so many times during interviews, job evaluations and the workplace in general. But how do you give the right answer? Or, better yet, is there a right answer?

There really is no definite right or wrong answer but if you need to get sound advice to further your career, you must trust in yourself. Most of the time what propels us to the top of the corporate hill is our judgment and discretion between what's right and wrong. Here are a number of tips that you might find useful:

  • When applying for a job, always put your best foot forward. Highlight your best qualities.
  • During an interview, the employer will try to see where you weakest points are. The best way to handle this is to first be aware of your weaknesses, own up to them and be open to improving yourself through the company. Employers don't necessarily look for perfect employees but they would prefer to have a candidate who can take on criticisms and is open to coaching.
  • On your first day at work, make a good impression. This doesn't mean you only maintain the attitude on the first day but try to sustain harmonious relations with coworkers all throughout your stay in the company.
  • Keep your integrity. When you're faced with difficult situations, you'll be better guided which road to take.
  • Stay away from gossip. Gossip is a workplace cancer. When someone tries to initiate gossip with you, politely respond with a neutral comment and keep your opinions to yourself especially if you are not involved in the conflict.
  • Find ways to make your work efficient. Make use of your time wisely and develop a sense of urgency.
  • Be considerate with your co-workers. While you may have the same tasks as the person next to you, it doesn't necessarily mean you're dealing with the same level of stresses. You can be supportive of another team member by maintaining a positive disposition and offering help when you have time to spare.
  • Be considerate with your employer. While you may observe your bosses to be taking longer breaks or not keeping with everybody's schedule, take note that you are not in their position. Whether you find their opinions, actions and instructions questionable, politely open up with your opinion. If your input is not positively welcomed, be a good sport and find other ways to lighten the load of your whole team - including your bosses'.
  • If it comes to the point that you find shady office practices from your coworkers or your boss, refer your concerns to the HR department or to a department/person with authority. It is best that you let the right department/person handle the situation while you focus on your job function just as you were hired to.
  • Develop a reputation of being a team player whose social and moral grounds are based on a deep-set understanding of ethics in the work place and in life.